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Hannah Sames. Auckland, NZ

I went to Secret Garden festival in Sydney recently. Everyone was on their own journey and that was a moment where I thought ‘I can do anything here and be anyone I want - It doesn’t matter no one else here knows me’. I thought it was so crazy. 


Everyone was your friend even though you’ve never met them, listening to music I’d never heard - I just felt so unjudged. No one was taking photos. It was just about being in the moment. 


I do wake up feeling shitty sometimes. Sometimes my rituals stick and sometimes they don’t and I just want to stay in bed. Like everyone I have moments where I don’t want to get out and face the world. I have these moments of introspection that I call my Guilt Circle. 


I’m quite an internal person. Most of my thoughts aren’t what I would necessarily share with anyone, not even my partner lying next to me. I won’t voice how I’m feeling it’s just something only I will know. It’s actually quite empowering. 


I get quite a lot of built up anxiety about things. Things that don’t need to be stressed over but I will stress over them. 


I’ve had challenges in my life that push me outside of the comfort zone that I was so used to being in. Being outside that comfort zone gave me so much freedom that I hadn’t felt it. And once I felt it I knew this was more fun. 


My own  magic happens when I stop caring about what other people will think. It’s that feeling of not worrying about being judged which I think is really hard but once I get passed that’s the liberated, free feeling that I need to feel.

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