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Phoebe Walsh. Auckland, NZ.

I am very comfortable in my own skin but that didn’t happen overnight. It was definitely a battle. 


I want everyone to see me how I see myself.  


I’m a very fun-loving person and that’s what people tend to notice about me right away but some think I’m ditzy or clueless. 


I want people to know that I’m intelligent and I have a voice but I’m not always confident and self-assured. 


My biggest fear is that I’m not going to use my time on this earth effectively and reach my full potential. I have these overwhelming moments when I get anxious about time. Time is not infinite or guaranteed, and when I feel like I’m not utilizing time in the most effective way I think, ‘Shit! I’m gonna blink and it’ll all be over. I’ll be on my deathbed and it’ll be too late!’ 


I’m okay with vulnerability, but not all the time. I just don’t want anyone to mess with me so I put up a hard front. But that’s not sustainable. 


I want to be able to open up and show people there’s more to me than the ditzy blonde. I also want them to know off the bat that I’m not the one to fuck around with.

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