Tautuku Orme
Who is Sara Tautuku Orme...

Sara  Tautuku Orme, based in Aotearoa New Zealand, is primarily focused on uncovering the daily life of human experience. The struggles and joy, lightness and darkness. Rather than a witness she immerses and embraces the life around her.

After completing a degree in Sociology, majoring in Feminist studies & Ethnicity, (Canterbury University 1987) she later went on to study photography (1993) with a focus on research, documentary and portrait photography.

The diversity in her personal life, blending both her sociologist sensibility with documentary photography, and the desire to create images of the human condition is the source of inspiration for her projects. From feminism to freedom, to exploring cultural identity, to dreamy almost fashion like imagery in between focused always on creating a powerful narrative.

Orme’s first pioneering project, This Is Not The Red Carpet, (1993) emerged from her  immersion of third wave feminism and has since gained a new level of interest and relevance post #MeToo (2018) 

Te Teko (2008- )has been a decade long and ongoing. Te Teko project began soon after the death of her Father (Ngati Awa, Ngati Tarawhai & Ngati Whakaue) and explores the small populated community of which himself, her Grandmother and three generations before them were born. 

Undiscovered (2015) grew out of Orme’s personal ageing and tiresome domestic responsibility at the time. It became an escape to revisit the freedom of her own youth and is characterised by a feminine, dreamlike escapist feeling, informed in part by a contemporary female gaze approach. 

Undiscovered  later grew into Girl Undiscovered & Real Girl (2017), informed in part by the female gaze and fourth wave feminist attitudes to the beauty industry. Through story-telling and interviews there is exploration of a new generation of females who essentially say NO to ‘beauty’ as we know it.

Responding to the life around her, Orme’s most recent project, Stroke,(or Ward DG)  gives light to her seventy nine year old mother, with so much vitality and intelligence, grappling with new life after her stroke. 

Orme’s work is both an investigation of sociological landscapes of both herself and those around her. Her community, feminism and family continue to be central to her work.

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Wairata Tahana -Te Teko-

Wellington, NZ 2021

Exhibition Thistle Hall lightbox project

Women In Photography NZ_AU

We look to the future with progressive ideals'

Te Teko

Auckland, NZ. 2021

Womens Work 

Group show - 21 female photographers in association with AIPA. 

Ellen Melville Centre


Auckland, NZ. 2020

Womens Work 

Group show - 21 female photographers in association with AIPA. 

Ellen Melville Centre


Member of Women's Work panel discussion:

Focus on the imbalance around gender in the photographic industry.

Auckland Festival Of Photography

Auckland, NZ. 2019

Panel discussion: Fissure & women in photography

Auckland Library.

This Is Not The Red Carpet 

Auckland, NZ . 2019

Auckland Festival Of Photography

Leica Lounge: Behind the lens of a female photo journalist.


Auckland NZ. 2012 

Solo exhibition,The Keep


Wellington, NZ. 2009


In collaboration with Ngai Tahu 

Aotea Barbi

Christchurch, NZ. 2004

Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls 

Centre of Contemporary Art (CoCA), 

Group show


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