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Kaumātua will be a two-three-year kaupapa, resulting in a book publication and exhibition encompassing around thirty kaumātua from across Aotearoa.


The aim for each rohe/iwi will include a community exhibition of large-scale Hero Portraits alongside the Whare Wall. A booklet with the stories and photographic portraits of the smaller rohe/iwi will also be published. This booklet will be available for kaumātua, whānau, hāpori, libraries, iwi resources.


The collaborative approach with smaller hāpori allows for additional opportunities to showcase the imagery and stories. These will not be confined to major events, indeed all community involvement and suggestions are welcome.

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Kaumātua is an ambitious kaupapa, and Sara commits many weeks to each kaumatua and their whānau. This approach ensures whānau are comfortable with what is being produced as befits the tikanga-based approach. Sara develops a deep and meaningful relationship with each whānau, which leads to the creation of more than just a portrait. From the first kōrero to the final portrait shoot, the experience is an uplifting, collaborative experience.

Sara continues to kōrero with people from all over Aotearoa, identifying kaumātua to participate in the project. Kaumātua will continue to be centred around whānau, iwi, rūnanga, and other relevant rōpū.   Kaumātua is made up of many living parts. Through an in-depth process of around three separate interviews, some spanning consecutive days while others take place over a period of months.   Whānau are essential to this kaupapa and are invited to be as involved, or as quiet as they wish. Sara also provides the invitation for additional whānau portraits as a koha to the participating whānau.

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Watch this space as Kaumātua kaupapa grows across Aotearoa...

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May we continue to bring mana to our kaumātua, igniting further kōrero for ourselves and future generations, and be reminded of this rich taonga presented here before us. Through their kōrero, their wairua and mauri will forever shine.

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