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Ding Wei.  Shenzen, China

I miss my family the most. My town is a long way from here. Fifteen hours on a bus. I don’t see them very often.

I am lucky to have this job because I earn money and can save up to buy a house in my town. I will go back rich.

I pack boxes all day in this factory. I have been here for nearly one year. I am getting faster and faster at packing. I just dream when I work here everyday. I dream of the house I am going to buy.

I have friends from my town who also work here. Three of us came down here together. It’s good because we also live together in the compound across the road. We are lucky because every night we have dinner together and also play card games.

On our day off we dress up and go out to do karaoke. This is my favourite thing. I believe I am very good at singing. Maybe one day I will become a famous karaoke singer!

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