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  • Sara Orme

Auckland festival of photography Panel talk

Always a privilege to be invited as a guest on the panel. In great company here with Cathy Carter, Rebecca Swan and Qiane Matata-Sipu at the Auckland Public Library auditorium.

Women in Photography

New - Panel discussion "Women in Photography", at the Auckland Art Gallery auditorium Sunday 16th June 1pm. From the art world to activism, through relevant issues in contemporary practice, industry and society, in art, advertising, editorial we explore how are women 'framed', how to manage your career as a photographer, gatekeepers to success, and a sprinkling of #metoo feedback.

Four contemporary photographers explore their work and the pitfalls and praise of their practice respectively in response to building careers in the photography sector. From Maori/Cook Islands artist Qiane Matata-Sipu, who’s work has been awarded at last year’s NZ Geographic Awards for the long essay category for ‘Ihumātao’ to Rebecca Swan who’s work, Assume Nothing, pioneered gender identity reflected in fine art photography in New Zealand.

As a look into brand advertising through to representation on the gallery scene, we ask Cathy Carter who’s work is regularly in the Wallace Art Awards finalists, as well as earning recognition in overseas awards shows, how she thinks about promoting her practice, including issues she has encountered and Sara Orme, who was the first woman to shoot major brand campaign for the likes of Air New Zealand & Tourism New Zealand, and has studied sociology and aspects of ‘The Female Gaze’ for her advice on succeeding in the art world after brand imperatives. MC is Linda Tyler, Assoc Professor at the University of Auckland.

You can read more about it HERE


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