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  • Sara Orme

Summer Noelle. Radio NZ series

A bit of an honour to chat with Noelle McCartney in the Radio NZ series, Summer Noelle, about the song I could listen to time and time again.

I had to think hard about this one. SO many amazing songs to remember and want to put on repeat.

I am reminded of days at the record shop. Saving up pocket money to buy that album. And once home, just playing and playing until I would know all of the words off by heart.

I chose Kate Bush: The man with the child in his eyes.

Because I am taken back to endless summers (and winters) of hanging out with my best friend Kitty.

Because I am reminded of the dreamy childhoods we had

Because I know all of the words off by heart

Because we danced and danced

Because Kate Bush offered something whimsical to girls like us


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