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''Trust yourslef, Trust the process, Find your fearlessness''

A photoshoot experience to feel liberated in yourself  and your body, after 50.

Discover something new,
make friends with your body in  an exhilerating and neutral way
through a photographic experience in your chosen location

Through photography, I create a transformative photo shoot experience that will help women unhide themselves and for older women to be seen and remembered as confident, strong, creative, and fearless.

Bare Me aims to uncover thoughts we may, or may not, have, about a complex relationship with our bodies, especially as we enter menopause and beyond.


I encourage women to discover freedom in their bodies through minimal clothing or near/nudity in a natural environment.


I encourage women to be proud of their bodies, to find acceptance, comfort, and confidence in them, to own their stories, and to inspire others to do the same.


Bare Me is a collaborative process, and every photoshoot will be unique.


“I was in heaven, standing there on the edge of the cliff, feeling like there was nothing between me and nature and the earth, and I felt really, really connected to the elements all around me. An incredible experience, with the added bonus of having photographs to remember it by."

“Collaborating with you for this photographic experience really helped me overcome a lot of complex feelings I had about my body. To be honest, I did feel a little bit anxious and worried about  exposing parts of myself, especially my stomach which I have always struggled with. I knew that  I could trust you implicitly and just submitted myself to the elements and almost forgot you were there.”






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