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  • How do I choose a location?
    Consider a place special to you... For Aucklanders there is a small fee 15KM outside CBD Some ideas... (also consider your privacy levels) Your home; bedroom or favorite room in or around your house Your garden A park, bush, forest Beach Water (sea, lake, river) Wide open country space
  • What are your additional location charges?
    There is no charge for any location within a 15 KM radius of Auckland CBD $250 additional for locations within 45KM radius Do you travel outside of Auckland: Yes, I do! Please contact me directly so we can discuss
  • Do I have to go naked or near?
    Absolutely not! Bare Me means something different for everyone. This is an opportunity to try something new, but you are in charge of your comfort levels. If your preference is for a three-piece suit in a boardroom, then let's do it. I have the experience to work across all genres of portraiture.
  • What does ‘minimal clothing’ mean?
    Bare Me is about exploring inhibitions you may have around your body. This can mean different things for everyone. It may be uncovering your arms, or your legs, or stomach…anywhere really. You may opt for wearing a simple dress, long shirt, a favorite pair of undies…
  • What happens if there are people around my location?
    We will discuss your comfort levels before the shoot. From experience people are so in ‘the zone’ they stop caring who is around. This is something to consider when choosing your location and how you might feel if people are around. We recommend weekdays as public places tend to be much more quiet or even empty.
  • Why do you mostly only shoot during the weekdays?
    For those of you doing an outdoor location the weekdays tend to offer more privacy with less people around. See it as another moment for you and taking time out for yourself. Some weekends, however, are available so please reach out and we'll make it work.
  • Do I have to do an interview?
    Not at all! This is entirely up to you. From experience women have really enjoyed reading their stories. This adds a whole new layer to your experience and is something for you to reflect on.
  • What questions do you ask for my story?
    Everyone is different. Sara has vast experience interviewing many people. The questions will be focused around feelings of being in your 50's and beyond. This could include your menopause journey if you wanted to talk about that or it could be about your family or what makes you feel great or not so great. I'll also ask you how you feel once you've had your photo experience. You'll love reading over your thoughts in weeks, months, years to come!
  • Do I have to give you permission to use my images?
    There's something magical about seeing other wāhine who have experienced a unique photo shoot. Your story and images may inspire others to do something uplifting for themselves. However, you do not have to agree to give permission to use your images, or you can makes even just some of them on or off limits. This is entirely up to you and we would just amend the Release form to suit your requests.
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