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Phyo Phyo. Pakokku, Myanmar

I never win or lose, I’m just a normal card player. When I get home, thats what I sometimes do, play a card game with my brothers’ wives. There are usually five players in the game.

We play with money – 50 kyats a game. 


And when I come back home from work I wash my clothes and when I’ve done that I just have fun on my mobile phone. I don’t help my mother.


I wake up early, wash my face, brush my teeth, take a bath, wear Thanaka, and prepare lunch, then leave my home for work. I only have to prepare one meal, then I go to work. I work in Thanaka production. 


Sometimes I watch television with my family, the Monkey King TV series till 10 o’clock at night. Our family goes to bed around ten, after the television programme. Every day I have to wash my clothes. I go to work every day except when it rains. And I do not go when there is something special at home. I would just take one or two days leave for either of those reasons. Other than that, I go to work every day during the week.


I think wearing Thanaka and dressing up makes me beautiful. I prefer new dresses because dressing is important for a person. 

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